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الأسئلة الشائعة

Delivery Related Questions

-1 to 4 working days in case material doesn’t require any assembly or installation. - For any other materials that required assembly and installation, 7-10 working days will be required – period may vary based on unexpected demands. - GRP Tanks installation period should be subject to the feedback of installation team at the time of purchase.

Residential: Only When single heaters or other single heavy items are being sold, client will be charged for crane rental as per site condition according to the crane type.
Commercial: it is Customer responsibility to arrange the cranes & forklifts at site.

Product Related Questions

  • Piping with the water tank & building network.
  • Install filtrations backwash line and connect to the nearest drainage opening and install union on it for maintenance purposes.
  • Install of submersible sewage/drainage pumps and the necessary electrical wiring.
  • Plumbing & electrical wiring & accessories for equipment.
  • Covering the equipment from direct sun.
  • To pull electrical cable for float switches from water tank to booster pump and circulation pump, separately for dry run protection and make the holes in tank to pass the wires.
  • To make a hole in water tank for float switch.

Advise plumbing & electrical contractor to coordinate with our team for commissioning prior notes.

Customer should purchase the float switches for booster pumps and circulating pumps for dry run protection.

  • Clean monthly the equipment from dust.
  • On monthly basis, close water inlet to check if dry run protection works.
  • Make sure not to have empty water tanks at any time to prevent air from the system.
  • Switch off the equipment immediately If no water in the system to prevent equipment from dry fired.
  • - Clean sewage pits every 6 month to avoid grease accumulation on the float switch that will not allow the pump to operate.
  • - Make sure the equipment are in a mechanical room (air-condition is highly recommended).

Commission Related Questions

Usually, Commissioning will take place within 2-4 days if no site obstacles exist and all the mechanical and electrical connections are done properly. Commissioning should take place maximum by 45 days after delivery to ensure the warranty; otherwise the company has the right to evaluate the warranty period based on equipment condition at the time of commissioning. Materials should be stored in a proper place before commissioning.

Commissioning of all equipment should take place once together.

If customer requested to disconnect equipment after commissioning, new commissioning charges will take place against re-commissioning and the same will be provided by the company at that time.

Warranty Related Questions

Warranty provided is against manufacture defects, provided commissioning done by Al Madadd, Warranty will be in effect starting from the date commissioning by replacing the defected parts

The company shall not be responsible for warranty, if the damages are caused due to the following:-
  • Commissioning the product by others & not by Al Madadd.
  • Miss-handling.
  • Wrong installation.
  • Wrong use of harmful liquids, discoloured or rusty water etc
  • Size & selection done by others
  • Playing in the calibres
  • If customer insists of not installing safety float switches for pumps.
  • Keeping tank empty for long time which will harm the Sealant.
  • If equipment are not covered
  • If the heaters are not kept on base 10cm height minimum

Equipment guarantee period starts from initial commissioning date.

Warranty start from date of Purchase/commissioning
Residential: 1 year for pumps & sewage pumps, 1 year for filters, 5 years for water heaters, 1 year for heating elements, 5 years for water coolers compressors & 1 year for other parts, 5 years for GRP tanks.

Commercial: one year for all products , and any additional warranty period it is subject to the contract conditions and agreed prices.

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