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Maintenance at Site

skilled technicians and supervisors are always able to maintain any of our sold materials at site. For difficulties at site, materials could be dismantled, delivered to our workshop for further services and repairs. Our fleet covers all maintenance and after service calls in all areas in Qatar.


Our technical team is able to Commission any type of water solution and water equipment sold to our clients in different sectors. Commissioning will be done based on Al Madadd Alkhaleejyah & our supplier technical recommendation and requirement to guarantee the better performance of the units to maintain warranty coverage period.


Al Madadd Alkhaleejyah is providing a warrantee for any product sold from its outlets, these warranty are against manufacturing defects conditions that’s are used for the proper applications and is selected by Al Madadd Alkhaleejyah personnel’s or approved professionals. Al Madadd Alkhaleejyah had extended the warranties compared with its suppliers warranty with confidence of the products and proper selections that are done by Al Madadd Alkhaleejyah personnel.