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Commercial Sewage Treatment Systems

system which is the advanced technology for treatment of domestic waste water.
The waste water collected within the waste water equalisation tank is separated from the solid contaminants by means of a basket type fine-meshed grating located at the inlet section of the system. Within the sequencing batch reactor, the organic contaminants in the waste water are converted to CO2 and water by the help of aerobic bacteria. In order to achieve this reaction, the necessary oxygen and mixture-air are provided by the blower included within the unit.
Concrete The air produced by the blower is distributed into the tank equally through the use of rubber membrane diffuses providing the fine-meshed air bubbles. The organic contamination within the waste water is removed in the sequencing batch reactor and then the waste water is left to sedimentation process with the bacteria flocks. The treated water separated from the bacteria flocks by means of sedimentation process is discharged through the use of submersible type discharge pump, during the discharge operation the treated water is disinfected by dosing hypocrite with the help of dosage pump.

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